music, video and graphic design

Paysage canalisé

Born in Lille, France in 1978, Cetusss lives and works in Geneva. Multi-field and prolific artist, he questiones social and cultural dimension, though collaboratif artistic projects, with a particular interest for the virtual or transitory communities, such as social networks on internet or LGBT people. In 2010, Cetusss curated the Outerspace Festival, presented in Geneva and Cleveland, in Ohio. Since 2006, he collaborates regularly as musicien and video film maker for the French duet performers Jerome Goff and Delphine Ralin, alias Le contremaître et sa contremaîtresse. Among more than fifteen albums that composed and self-produced Cetusss, appear in particular Yuri (2010), Croixade (2008), Oeil Rouge (2006), Mit Pumpe (2006) and Répéti...titif (2005).
Performatif and multi-field work presented within the framework of the festivals ACT performance and Outerspace. The Canalised landscapes 1 to 7 interventions were realised in six different cultural spaces in Switzerland, between March and June 2010:
Exposure MAPS, Hollow Tavelli with Sierre
Plattfon & Stampa in Basel
ACT 10, Live in your Head Gallery in Geneva
ACT 10, Kunsthof in Zurich
ACT 10, Hochschule of Luzern
Outerspace, Galerie Double agent in Geneva
To listen to the soundtrack created by Cetusss
> www.elvisss.com/Paysage_Canalise
The series Oscillations gathers to date more than 340 videos, duration varying between 5 to 22 minutes. Between family chronicle and accident of banal, this work is like a collection of ludic and removed from rim postcards, rather than an inventory of a socio-political fixtures, about Cetusss' life. The device is built according to a succession of sequences, which mix observations, meetings, conversations, voyages and setting in image of the phantasms of the artist.
Collaboration to the episodes N° 272, 264, 263, 261, 260, 234 to 224 and 139, between March 2010 and April 2008.
> www.removetv.blogspot.com