Geneviève Favre Petroff
performance and installation


Born in 1978, Genevieve Favre lives and works in the canton of Vaud. Her performances and installations, centered on the body and a specific work of the voice propose at the same time a ludic and critical observaton on the question of appearances, transformations and handling of reality exerted by archetypal figures or personalities with a media or political power.

Realization of photographic series of three of her performances, between 2003 and 2006.

Bénédictions, series carried out for the exposure Méditations , presented at the Imoberdorf Gallery in Morat, from April 29 to May 19, 2006.
«I invite you on a twenty minutes journey to Wonderland. Follow the guide, Alice. With her charming voice, her vocal waves and her slogans, she will lead you to the other side of the mirror where dream and reality merge and where white rabbits incite us to be eccentric! In the role of Alice, I will teach you the benefits of «gaotherapy» to help you to discover your power to dominate others. I will drag you into my trance and reveal the secrets of illumination.»
«Linked up with the Swiss image of cleanliness, this work denotes health and desire for perfection. Seven pressure-activeted lamps are attached to my body, each associated with a melodic phrase that I sing when it's illuminated and which stops when I press on the same lamp again to turn it off. Interrupting sentences I give them different meanings, playing with the sound of the words and onomatopoeic effects.»
Geneviève Favre Petroff