Agence révélateur
Paris, FR


The exposure Je & un autre (I & another), presented within the Photo Month Festival-Off in Paris, is the result of a “work in progress” between the photographers of the agency. Ludic and introspective, this double exercise around the portrait and self-portrait, sharpens artistic collaboration, makes it tangible, and also points its constraint, its difficulty. It probes the problems of the intimacy and of the otherness, highlights the expression of oneself in the portrait of the other. The project marks the three years of the creation of the agency and residences collaborations with L'étoile du nord Theater.

Photo month Festival-Off
L’Etoile du Nord

16 rue Georgette Agutte
75018 Paris, France

Opening, Tuesday October 30, 6 pm


The exhibition Behind the curtain, voyage in secret zones, presented at MH Gallery in Brussels, proposes a series of work about intimacy. At the same time complex and polymorphic, plentiful and plural, this exposure conceived at the end of the first year of existence of the gallery, presents a selection of works of artists represented by the galerist, as well as work of Yann Amstutz, Damien Guillaume and Estelle Lagarde, photographers at the Agence révélateur. By this collaboration, Mathilde Hatzenberger wishes to show her attachment with the collective, with the surprise as with the discovery.

Mathilde Hatzenberger Gallery
Hoogstraat 11
1000 Brussels, Belgium
+32 478 84 89 81

Opening, Saturday september 15, 3 pm


Agence révélateur takes part to the second edition of Chic Art Fair, contemporary art show in Paris. Are exhibited on its booth extacts of series by the artists it represents, accompagnated with the presence of numerus of its photographers.

Chic Art Fair
Cité de la Mode et du Design

34, Quai d'Austerlitz
75013 Paris, France

Opening, Wednesday October 20, 2-10 pm


Series of eight video portraits of members of the agency, realized in 2011 by Benoît Boucherot, in coproduction with Agence révélateur and Rwan Hearn production, in Paris.

Yann Amstutz, photographe 19'20''
Estelle Lagarde, photographe 16'08''
Erick Derac, photographe 11'35''
Benoît Boucherot, photographe 13'01''
Massimo Cristaldi, photographe 10'34''
Sabrina Biancuzzi, photographe 12'04''
Claudia Vialaret, photographe 9'26''
Damien Guillaume, photographe 8'31''


Created by Olivier Bourgoin in April 2010, the Agence révélateur develops its activity in the field of artistic photography and accompanies the authors whom it represents, by the conception or collaboration with cultural events, as well as the mediatization of artistic projects.

The others represented artists are Sabrina Biancuzzi (BE), Massimo Cristaldi (IT), Erick Derac (FR), Damien Guillaume (FR), Sang-Hyun Hong (KR), Zaida Kersten (ES/MX), Estelle Lagarde (FR), Franck Landron (FR), Bénédicte Lassalle (FR/US), Christophe Mauberret (FR), Karine Pelgrims (FR), Gilles Picarel (FR) and Claudia Vialaret (FR).

Agence révélateur
Olivier Bourgoin
36, Bvd de la Bastille
75012 Paris, France
+33 6 63 77 93 68