Geneva contemporary engraving Studio
Geneva, CH


The [terra incognita] exhibition at BAC - Le Commun in Geneva, presents works of 30 artists who resided at the Geneva engraving studio between 2009 and 2015. Voluntarily chaotic, the space of exposure is built as a labyrinth, in which the spectator is invited to discover a series of works realized with the techniques of the multiple.

Presentation of the engraved series The forest, realized in situ.

BAC - Le Commun
28 rue des Bains
1205 Geneva, Switzerland


Since 2009, Geneva contemporary engraving Studio offers a residency to young artists. For a one year duration, the grant holders have the opportunity to deepen or to develop a personal project, with one or more of the techniques of the art of the print. At the end of their stay, the residents are invited to present their works at collective exposure open to the public, organized by the engraving studio. After la Ferme de la Chapelle in 2011, le Musée de Carouge in 2012, the Grant holders 2012 / 2013 exhibition is presented in Centre d'art Halle Nord in Geneva.

Presentation of the series Masquerade.

Art Center Halle Nord
1, place de l’Ile
1211 Geneva, Switzerland


The Geneva contemporary engraving Studio is opened to artists. It offers an infrastructure for the practice of most of the engraving technics, whether it is traditional or innovative. Since 2009, the Studio offers to four or five artists, a one-year duration residency.

For 2012-2013, the committee selection represented by Geneviève Laplanche, Carole Rigaut, Emmanuel Mottu and François Locher selected the applications of Sarah Gabay, Claire Goodyear Kessler, Cécile Koepfli and Yann Amstutz.

Atelier genevois de gravure contemporaine
17 route de Malagnou
1208 Geneva, Switzerland
+41 22 700 62 85