Villa Dutoit
Genève, CH
What do they dream about?

Collective exposure curated by Renée Furrer, who proposes a selection of series questioning the links between the human being and the animal. Art works by Bernard Van Baalen, Pierre Baumgart, Ferenc Bugyil, Olivier Estoppey, Myriam Gasser, Adriana Passini, Cécile Koepfli, Anne Niestle, Pablo Osorio Avella, Alice Quesnel, Ruth Langwieser, Marguerite Ryser, Nicole Staremberg, Doris Tippenhauer, Natacha Veen and Françoise Werner.


Un extract of the series Powers animals is presented.

Villa Dutoit
5, ch. Gilbert-Trolliet
1211 Geneva, Switzerland
+41 22 733 05 75

March 7 to April 6, 2014
Wed to Sun, 2-6 pm
Opening, Thursday March 6, 6 pm