La Chaux-de-Fonds, The experience of a city
onlab, Berlin, DE

"A city and three photographers elected to make the portrait of it. Yann Amstutz, Matthieu Gafsou and Milo Keller, were accomodated in residence at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, from autumn 2009 to winter 2011, in any season, by day and by night, to capture this city, to make the experiment of it and to question it. A portrait with multiple facets which should surprise as much the inhabitants as that their visitors."
Marcel Schiess, initiator of the project


Photographs - Yann Amstutz,
Matthieu Gafsou, Milo Keller
Texts - Sylvain Malfroy, Thierry Béguin, Marcel Schiess, Jean-Christophe Blaser, Lada Umstätter
Creative and art direction - onlab, Berlin,
Thibaud Tissot, Nicolas Bourquin
Graphic design - onlab, Berlin,
Thibaud Tissot, Johanna Klein
Publishing - Attinger Editions, Hauterive.


140 pages, color photographs, bilingual French/English texts, 21,5x29 cm, Oct. 2012
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