ACT 10 | Live in your head Gallery
Geneva, CH

Canalised landscape #5

Immersed in a repetitive sound space mixed live by Cetusss from sounds recorded in the tropical forest and the capital of Agentina, I give up myself in a required state of half-transe. Entered in voluntary state of consciousness modified and blind, I pose on the paper the demonstration of geometic forms in continual transformation, which cross my mental. Without knowing neither the color of the fatty pastels employed, nor to observe the drawing in formation, I cut myself as much as possible of a control and plastic research on the image under development. On the support takes form, by superposition, regrouping or rupture, an organic network of features which develops in a singular plastic language.

Performance realised on Saturday, May 1st, 2010 at Live in your Head Gallery in Geneva, during ACT 10 performances Festival.

To listen to the soundtrack created by Cetusss