Steidl Verlag

Conceived by Patrick Remy like an anthem with the material detachment, the exacerbation of the directions, and the beauty, this joined together book presents photographs of 60 artists originating of more than 20 different countries.

PhotographsPaul Berends (NL), Daan Brand (NL), Elinor Carucci (IL), Jenelle Covino (US), Léo Fabrizio (CH), Erwan Frotin (FR/CH), Katy Grannan (US), Stéphanie Gygax (CH), Sam Harris (UK), Véronique Hoegger (CH), Janne Lehtinen (FI), Amanda Marsalis (US), Bianca Pilet (FR), Henry Roy (HT), Hanna Sahar (IL), Joel Tettamanti (CH), Isabelle Waternaux (FR), Noah Webb (US), Terri Weifenbach (US), etc.
Art direction - Patrick Remy Studio, Paris
Graphic design - Mathieu Trautmann, Paris
Publishing - Steidl Verlag, Göttingen, DE


224 pages, english text, 156 illustrations color and white/black, 16x21 cm, July 2003