Grenchen, CH
Im Wald

The forest has always occupied a special place in society and culture, whether in myths, popular beliefs or by marking the boundary between the the savage and the civilized.
The exhibition brings together works by Swiss artists Julian Charrière, Teresa Chen, Marianne Engel, Alex Hanimann, Angela Lyn, Marcus Maeder, Luca Mengoni, Nico Müller, Felix Studinka and Esther van der Bie, which address the theme of the forest, as a space of peaceful nature, terror, resourcing or representing an economic factor.


Bahia Drake and Jungles series are exhibited.


Kunsthaus Grenchen
Bahnhofstrasse 53
CH - 2540 Grenchen
+41 32 652 50 22


March 7 to May 30, 2021
Wed-Thu, 2-5 pm, Fri-Sat > 8 pm
Sun, 11 am-5 pm
Opening, Saturday March 6, 4:30 pm